Southern Baby: Month 5

Dear Hampton, 
My precious boy....you are 5 months old!  
We are still just in awe of the fact that you are here and you are ours.  The best word to describe you right now is HAPPY!  You are the happiest baby on the block and we love to see you smile and hear you laugh! I took a video of  you laughing on my phone and your brothers have probably watched it one hundred times.  You light up when Daddy comes home from work, if I just leave the room and come back in, and when Tradd and Jackson get down on the floor to play with you.

You are healthy and are growing just perfectly.  
You weigh 16 pounds 14 ounces and are 26 inches long. 
 Our doctor gave us the go ahead to start you on some rice cereal and baby food.  We started with the cereal and you could not figure the spoon out.  You are drinking it from a bottle instead.  I am hoping {praying actually} that this will help you to sleep through the night.  Your daddy and I have decided to try to make your baby food...we'll see how that goes!  
 You are still in a size 2 diaper and are wearing 6-9 months clothes.

Everyone still comments that you look like your brothers and your daddy, but I do think you look like some of my baby pictures, especially this month. I don't care who you look like, you are precious to me!     

Hampton,  you have found your LOUD voice and your feet!  I had a hard time getting your picture this month because when I took your socks off, all you wanted to do was put your feet in your mouth!  It's also become almost impossible for mommy to talk on the phone in the car because you squeal a loudly as you can.  

 My favorite part of the day is in the early morning when we are snuggling in my bed...you just talk and smile and play with my hair.  Sometimes you will even put your little hands on my face and it's in that moment that I know you know  that I am your mama and you are my baby.  


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  1. Misty... he is just too cute for words! Hope you guys are well!