Southern Baby: 7 Months

My Sweet Boy,
You are almost 8 months old, but I had to squeeze this in!  You are growing into your own little person, but Gigi swears that you look just like me when I was a baby.  {That secretly makes my heart smile.}  You are wearing size 3 diapers and we've learned with you to stick with Pampers because you blowout every other brand.  You are also wearing 9-12 months clothes.  I have pulled out a lot of your brother's things that I saved for you {well, the "dream" of you}.  It is really neat to see you in their old clothes, reminds me when they were your size.

Speaking of your brothers....they love you so sweetly.
 They love to read to you and help me give you a bath.  Jackson told me just yesterday,
 "Mama, I love Hampton to death."  And he means it.

You are a great eater...your favorites are oatmeal with applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, yogurt and puffs!  We've also discovered that you love refried beans after you ate half of mine at Mexican one night....now we just order you your own little plate!  Helping you with all that chewing are your first teeth...the first one came in completely in February and the second one in March.  I am loving your smile with those two bottom teeth!

You are also crawling!  It's a funny little crawl, with one arm out-stretched and dragging one leg behind you. You haven't quite figured out that this will get you from room to room...waiting on the real fun to begin!

You are loved, precious one.



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  1. And your Mama loves giving you things to ensure those blowouts - i.e. yogurt and refried beans! She also loves to show you how to eat with her own mouth! :) With love from Silly Sally!