"Down and Out" at 30

I woke up 30 years old Saturday morning. I have never struggled with turning another year older. I've gladly helped some of my closest and dearest friends celebrate their 30th's this year. In fact, I've been to SIX 30th birthday parties in the last 6 months and let me just tell ya...it's all fun and games until it happens to you. It's strange because I don't feel a lot older, I just sound a lot older.

Saturday morning, as I limped into the kitchen to take my vitamins (limping because of the heels I wore Friday night that made my feet ache...another sign of "agedness"- and vitamins because old people need supplements...) I flipped on the Today Show for a little Saturday morning useless information. I heard Natalie Morales introducing the next segment which was on finding the right fitting bra AT ANY AGE. Turns out the first model was in her twenties wearing a teeny tiny tank top...she didn't need support as much as she did nipple control so they hooked her up with the perfect bra. The next model was in her thirties. AND THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME...I had moved up to the next "category" overnight. This girl sounded just like me. She was suffering from, as I like to call it "down and out syndrome". If you have never breastfed you have no idea what this means, but you will...oh you will. She had just finished breastfeeding and needed help. They found her some $200 bra that fixed her problem. At this point, I am shaking my head and giving her my own advice through the tv.

Buy a bigger shirt and slap on a little lipstick. It draws the eye up.

I changed the channel after that so I have no idea what you are suppose to do when you turn 40. Guess I can only hope they will run that clip again in 10 years.

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  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Also, mascara...makes a big difference for those tired, saddle-bagged eyes.