Merry New Year





No time like the present to start blogging again...speaking of presents, I decided to start with Christmas! I am going to have to back track over that past few months, but that's ok. One of the reasons/excuses that I always use with myself when deciding to blog or not is that it takes forever for pictures to load. My asked my friend Micah about how she does it and voila! I am feeling motivated again!

This Christmas was definitely different for us. We SOLD OUR HOUSE (finally) and had to be out by the 30th so we just decided to get it done and move in with Mom and Dad before Christmas so that we could "enjoy" the holidays. Christmas eve eve, Tradd came down with the flu. We spend Christmas Eve visiting Dr. Dodds and cleaning up throw up...and just holding Tradd. Although it was sad that he just wasn't that his gifts and we did not get to spend Christams with our entire family, it was nice just sit and breath. God knew we needed a breather.
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