September Weekend

Lee and I both grew up as scouts.  We grew up wearing dorky uniforms, working for badges, and camping...in fact, we both agree that the camping was our favorite part.  We have talked about taking the boys for a while now, but it just never seemed to work out.  Mainly because we had no camping gear.  Like not even a sleeping bag. 
Two weeks ago, my college roommate DeeDee called to ask if we would like to go camping with their family on Lake Murray!  Her husband is a Sergeant with the Department of Natural Resources on the lake so that made me feel so much better for our first time.    Another friend let us borrow their tent and sleeping bags and we were all set!  I loved that we were able to be spontaneous and just "throw it together"...if throwing it together means almost sinking the boat with our bags.  Literally. 

We headed out Friday afternoon about 4:30, they picked us up on our side of the lake by boat.  We headed straight to the campsite to get set up while it was still light out...we were cracking up at our tent sizes.  DeeDee and Ken had a 4-man tent and our borrowed bungalow was a 6-man.  Everytime we looked up the hill we just laughed!  Their tent literally could have fit inside of ours.   

We had time to let the kids tube, our boys loved it!  I wasn't sure how they would like it, but they jumped right in with the girls.  We watched the sunset, roasted hotdogs, and of course, smores!  Bedtime was a challenge because the boys were still so excited and it was HOT.  When we were changing in the tent for bedtime, Tradd grabbed my face and said, "Mama, thank you for bringing me here.  This is the most fun I've had in my whole life."   
Lee and I had to keeping going back up to the tent to check on them...one time they had taken off their PJ's and were just laying on top of the sleeping bags...next time Lee went to check, Tradd was butt naked.  Butt naked starfish-style...just cooling off he said.    



  1. I like their "Future Blue Hose" shirts! Go Hose! :)

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