Might as Well Start with a LIST

So I have a lot to say, but my thoughts are disorganized and wacky so bullets it is...

  • I have not made any new years resolutions...this is bizarre to me because I usually am such a planner and love to set goals.  I think my brain was just too full this year.  My friend Erin over at Blue-Eyed Bride has blogged about her 2011 reading list so I am just gonna piggy-back on a few of her choices to read more this year!
  • We just got the Christmas decorations down at Mom and Dad's.  Mom and I spend time before we packed everything up to go through her storage.  Now listen.  My mama is a bargain shopper so we found so much stuff that she had purchased at after Christmas sales that we had to donate some of it to the men's garage sale at their church!   It was just too much stuff to keep!  It felt good to help her purge and clean out...can't wait to do it myself when we move to the new house.

  • Speaking of the new house, it is coming along so well...I am pleased with all of my choices so far!  BUT {you knew that was coming} I am getting weary.  It's A LOT of decisions and just like many things in life, all the small details are right at the end.  I am shopping for door knobs and lights and plumbing fixtures and picking out paint.  I go to sleep thinking about this house and if I wake up in the middle of the night, I have a hard time going back to sleep for all the THINKING!!!  I keep having this one dream that we forget to pay our bill for the POD with our furniture in it and we lose everything.  Add that to my list of things to do....call the POD people.  I will post pics soon!!!

  • I have really realized how big my boys are getting lately.  They can shower on their own {with mom or dad checking behind them, of course}, they have opinions about their clothes, they ask me really intense questions like "How heavy is the moon?" and "Why do boys have boobies?"  {and if any of you can help with those please comment!}  The information about Kindergarten came home in their folder this week...kill me now.  

  • One of the things I am most excited about doing this spring is having our pictures taken outside at our new house.  No doubt my beautiful friend Micah will be taking these pics!  She has always loved taking pictures and at the urging of her family and friends has recently started her own photography business.  You can check out her  blog  or her website

  • Well, I am super tired and the boys will probably be sneaking into my bed in 3 hours or so {they do this almost every night...i secretly love it, but the sleep from that point on is terrible} I need to sign off!  Will post pictures of the house soon!!! 

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