Happy Fall Y'all!

  • Wow..it's been a looong time since I've blogged and that's due in part to the fact that my computer decided to choke AGAIN.  Turns out one of the boys had pushed a series of keys in exactly the right order to send my monitor to "an external source."  So just like always my bff's on the geek squad fixed me up!  I am on a first name basis with 2 of the agents and I love them. For real.    
  • Our little man turned 2 months old!  And since his three month birthday is right around the corner, I will just show you the pics I took of him and do a full post on all his "goings on" in a week or so.  

  • We have been busy, busy and I 'm going to try to catch up over the next few weeks...Our first fall adventures started at my brother's alma mater, Presbyterian College, for Homecoming.  I headed to Clinton to meet my parents, brother, and their tailgating crew.  The boys, large and small, had a great time!  


  • The Sunday after PC Homecoming we got a wild hair and decided to ride to Sky Top Orchard in Hendersonville, NC for the day to pick apples.  My parents headed to the mountains after the game Saturday so we called them Sunday morning to say, "Surprise!  We're coming!"  My mama was excited to say the least!  Sky Top has changed a lot since my first visit as a brownie scout.   We could not believe the people and all the stuff they had for sale.  

  • Hampton's first real smile and first real belly laugh happened this month!  Tradd and Jackson are really beginning to interact with him and try to make him laugh.  They still call him "baby" or "baby brother" most of the time, which I think is just precious.  They love to hold him, play on his activity mat with him, and kiss him! If only I could get them to change diapers....  

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  1. Look at your adorable boys, Misty! Too cute. And you probably hear this a lot, but you and your mother resemble each other so closely.