Correspondence with Santa

The week before Christmas the boys wrote their very first letters to Santa...unassisted.  If you are drinking something, please put it down now because you will most likely shoot it out of your nose when reading Tradd's letter....you have been warned.

"Dear Santa, 
Can I have a new bike, and a new roller skate, 
and a new Police costume, and a new jet ski, 
and a new handcuffs.
Thank you, 

"Dear Santa, 
Can I have a new bike, and a new basketball, 
and jet board, and new handcuffs.
Thank you, 

We spent the rest of our break practicing how to write b's and d's....
and we got ready for the NOOW Year!  


  1. God Bless it.....I even knew it was coming....!!

  2. Misty I am enjoying your blog! Those boys of yours are just too cute!