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 The best way for me to get back to blogging is to jump right in!  

THIS keeps happening.  A great reminder for me.  

These sweet boys received their Bibles with the other second graders at our church.  They were so proud and have been reading it non-stop.  We are doing our best to raise Godly gentlemen who will be leaders among their friends and as husbands and fathers one day.  

I found this little glass egg crate at TJ Maxx the other day and plan to use it to display the eggs the boys will dye at Easter, but until then {and after} I plan to use it to hold earrings in my closet!

A friend was hosting a party for a company called Initial Outfitters…I ordered this necklace and love the way it turned out.  My new favorite thing!

I had to work this past week in Hartford, CT.  My sweet friend Tammi, who moved to Boston last year, drove 3 hours {after she sent her kids off to school} to spend the day with me.  I flew in super early and was at the hotel by 10:30 and she arrived by 11.  We made our way to West Hartford and found the cutest shops and restaurants.  We shopped, ate lunch, found a Marshalls and then ate dinner at a neat place called Bartaco.   Defintely a perk of the job and so fun to spend the day with my friend.  

{five and a half}
I shared a book with the teachers in my session called So Few of Me.  One of the last pages of the book say this…I need to take this to heart and thought you might too.

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