Scenes from the Weekend

The past few weeks have been crazy up in here.  Lee traveled a week, we had "the flus" as Hampton called it the next week, and then I traveled for a week for work in Connecticut.  Last week was our first "normal" week around here and I still never found my way to blog!  

Last weekend was such fun!  Friday night we attended the 35th Anniversary Gala for Harvest Hope Food Bank, our local food pantry.  My mom works at Harvest Hope as their Donor Relations Manager.  This was a celebration of 35 years and a fundraiser so they can continue their efforts to end hunger in our state.  I am so proud of my mama.  She always gives so much of herself for anything she is involved in.  I love telling people she's my mama. 
Mario Lopez  AC Slater made an appearance, but I missed him!  Which is unfortunate because every time I've done one of those doppelgänger quizzes, I get Kelly Kapowski sooooo...there's that. 
   We did, however, get to sit near John Popper of Blues Traveler and that was neat.  Our friends Micky and Stephanie had dinner with him and they are basically his best friends now.   

 {Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I only had my phone, of course!}     

Could have been a great picture if not for a Dad photobomb.  Pretty funny coming from the guy who hates to be in pictures! 

Saturday the big boys had a baseball tournament and our cousin-brother, Wells, made an appearance. That kid is just a ball of sunshine.  We are all pretty smitten with him and his towhead locks.  He also spend the night with us all by himself for the first time last week while his mama and daddy worked.  I learned very quickly that I may be too old for another toddler, but it was fun having a little person in our house again.  Saturday night we had friends over to grill out.  It was a perfect night for a porch party!

Sunday the boys team made it to the championship game and played a great game of baseball.  We took home second place and came home to play more baseball in the neighborhood.  Per usual, Lee was the pitcher while the rest of us {me, Tuna, and Travis} sipped and watched.  It was a super weekend of family, baseball, friends and sunshine!

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