Fresh Start

Well.  You probably noticed that Confessions of a Southern Mama has mysteriously disappeared from the 'ol blog.  The web address, the title, gone.  Let me keep a long story short and tell you I spent the better part of Monday on the phone with a kind man from Google.  Named Walter.  Walter lives in India and I'm pretty sure his mama didn't name him Walter.
Anyhoo...when I originally set up my blog I had to supply them with an email address.  I set up automatic payment for my domain name.  All good.  Until your payment doesn't go through because your credit card has expired.  And they are trying to notify you through your old email address that your domain name is about to go on the chopping block.  And then you don't blog for 19 years.  And then they want to charge you a whole lotta money to claim your domain name again.

Clueless.   That was me.  I was really not all that worried about the name, but more about all of my content being lost.  I immediately searched my name and when that was available as a {dot}com I scooped it up and decided it was time for a fresh start.  Confessions of a Southern Mama was always a mouthful anyway.  

So why "Always, Misty?"  I think I got it from my mama, but that's how I sign thank you notes or birthday cards or love notes to Lee.  It's my Yours Truly, All my Best, Take Care...it's the way that I tell my people I'm always here...always me.  Here's to a fresh start.

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  1. No matter what it's called, you rock! And WE are lucky you're "Always Misty!" XO