New York {Part 2}

We packed a lot into four days.  If there's one thing all visitors to NYC will tell you is that it's expensive!  I've divided the things we did into stuff that cost $$ and things that are free!  I'm also realizing that I have too much for just this post so more to come!


Broadway   I mentioned in my last post that we saw two Broadway shows.   This is BY FAR my favorite thing to do in NYC, besides eat.  These are the most recent shows I've seen and would recommend: Something Rotten, Jersey Boys, Wicked, Kinky Boots, & Chicago.   I mentioned in my last post a few suggestions for getting discount tickets.

Tour Radio City Music Hall   When we arrived in the city Friday morning it was raining.  A LOT.   Even though I had been stalking the weather I totally forgot to pack an umbrella.  I am also too cheap to buy one on the street so we got a little wet.  'It's all part of the experience, honey.' {Name that movie}  We ducked into a Starbucks and I googled 'What to do when it's raining in NYC."  This suggestion popped up and it was a chance to be indoors for 75 minutes so we went for it.   I honestly didn't expect to like it, but I love learning the history behind old buildings like this so I loved it!  While we were there all of the boxes for the Christmas Spectacular were arriving!
Declared a financial failure in the 1970s, Radio City was slated for demolition in 1978. Preservationists rallied, and the Art Deco marvel was declared an interior landmark in 1978. The largest indoor theater in the world, Radio City has attracted more than 300 million visitors since its inception in 1932. ~Vanity Fair

The super cute raincoat that is not a raincoat.  

9/11 Museum  The last time we were here together the museum was still under construction.  This was at the top of our list for this trip.  The memorial alone is breathtaking, but the artifacts that they have preserved in the museum are incredible.  It's amazing to me how well the story of that day has been told here.  We were there from 11:30-3:30 and still did not read every single placard.  My favorite thing in the museum is the mural below that was created by a second grade class from Porter Gaud School in Charleston.  Admission to the museum is around $25.

Chelsea Pier Driving Range
I love a good surprise and I totally got Lee on this one!  He had no idea where we were headed and it was awesome.  This driving range is four-tiered outdoor driving range that sits right on the Hudson river.  They run a special on Sundays after 6, $30/person for unlimited balls and club rental.  

Nolita/ Noho Walking Food Tour  My friend Stephanie recommended that we do this and it turned out to be the thing we loved the most.   I bought these tickets ahead of time because it's not the kind of thing you can show up to the day of.  We got the last two tickets for 11:45 on Monday, as the tour will only take 16 people at a time.  I had also read glowing reviews online about this tour guide, Anny, so I was delighted when she showed up as our guide.  She was incredible.  Just like with most things that are guided, she made all the difference.  She was equal parts funny and charming.  She works a few jobs in the city to make ends meet, but if you ask me, she should be paid so much doing this she shouldn't have to!  We were fast friends and I definitely plan in keeping in touch with her. {Hi, sweet Anny, if you are reading this!} 
The tour consists of 6 stops at local spots throughout the Nolita {North of Little Italy} and Noho {North of Houston} neighborhoods for tastings.
Cappuccinos in the Little Cupcake Bakery

Street Art outside of the Little Cupcake Bakeshop by Shepard Fairey

Brooklyn Blackout cupcake

Sweet Anny 

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