I've been out of high school for 15 years.  I know, I know you can't believe it either because I look so young and fresh faced...but seriously.  15 years?

We had such a great turn out for our 10 year reunion, we decided to try to throw something together on a small scale with a cheaper ticket and see the response.  My best girl, Carla, and I made an executive decision not to involve an entire committee.  She headed up our last reunion so she was in charge of getting the word out through e-mail and facebook.  Can you believe that just 5 years ago hardly any of our classmates were on Facebook?  We did not have enough money left over from our last reunion to book a venue and send a formal invite so we took a chance on finding people through e-mail and facebook.  We had 100 people {65ish of those being graduates}! 

The venue ended up being perfect: The Vista Room at the Blue Marlin.  For several years, the Blue Marlin has worked with me on a Junior League event so I called them and our date was available.  We had indoor and outdoor space and nice weather. 

Some of my best friends are friends that I met in high school...Does that happen for everybody?  I love that these girls knew me when my hair looked like a 40 year old in 1992 and still love me {i will post this at a later date...much later}.  I love that we've lived together and stood together when we got married.  I love that one makes us laugh so hard we all end up peeing a little.  I love that one is my golfing buddy.  I can't wait to see what the next 15 years holds for us!   


  1. Do i make you pee? Just sayin...

  2. after posting the last comment i realized that my actual name is not attached to the username...so, I'm not some creepy creeperson. i'm carla.