Let's Get Physical...

That song just doesn't get the play time it deserves...anyhoo, for my birthday this year Lee bought me a Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor!  I bought him one for his birthday last year and he loves it so he wanted me to have one.  If you know me in real life, you know that I do exercise everyday {although my jeans seem not to have noticed}...so I was so excited!  The first purpose is obvious: to monitor your heart rate.  But this thing does much more than that!  It calculates the number of calories burned, keeps up with the amount of time you stayed in "fat burning mode", and tracks all of your workouts in a "diary" of sorts.  

It has changed my workouts in that I can set a goal for the number of calories I want to burn. At the end, just when I think I am about to die, I can look and see how close I am to hitting my goal and push just a little bit harder.  The only thing that I was leery about was the chest strap.  In order for it to constantly monitor you heart rate you have to wear it, but it feels no different than a sports bra strap.   
So this new 33 year old will be gettin' physical while calculatin'! 
I am sure my Firm buddies just love knowing how many calories we're burning!  

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  1. please tell shannon how badly i want one of those watches. i have been telling him for two years now at birthdays and christmas. i think he might be deaf.