Wow! How slack am I? I haven't written since Halloween...and to be honest the only reason I am writing now is because people keep asking we when I'm going to write again! People actually read this stuff...My new year's resolution is to be a better blogger and write in the boys baby books. I have decided to make my resolutions on February 1st, because most people have already fallen off the wagon and I'm just getting started!
So much has changed in our little world since Halloween...the boys are close to walking, but haven't quite gotten the nerve to "let go", they have lots of teeth (Jackson has 4 on bottom 2 on top and Tradd has 2 and 2),they are sleeping through the night, and Tradd is dancing! Life is good!
I can not believe that we are going to be celebrating their first birthday this month. As I look back all I can do is shake my head....to say that the year has flown by has been an understatement. I was looking back at pictures from the day they were born and I'm blown away even now...I guess it's that they change to drastically that first year. I mean they are dancing...and so is my heart.

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