Happy Birthday! Love Letter: Month 36

Dear Jackson and Tradd,

Today at 1:09pm I was standing in line at a concession stand. You were huddled with Daddy in section 12 trying to stay warm...I wanted to be with you at that exact moment, but I missed it. Today was your third birthday and we took you to your first Carolina Baseball game of the season (certainly not your first game...that was 33 months ago). We wanted to do something special with you two, but I wanted to hold your hands when 1:09 and 1:10 came to close my eyes and think back to the first time I ever laid eyes on you.

Your daddy and I did have our moment though. After we finally ate our lunch and made our way far, far away from section 12-where the sun doesn't shine- we settled into new seats in the sunshine. You climbed into our laps and in minutes you were both fast asleep. So there we sat holding you like we did that first day...as warm as we could get you and as close to our bodies as possible. We talked about what we were doing at that very moment 3 years ago...by now it was almost two o'clock. Daddy said I was just out of the operating room and he had just walked out to introduce you to everyone. We talked about how you have transformed physically from 5 pounds to 30, from inches to feet...but mostly how you have transformed our hearts. We do not deserve you. You two have changed the way that we love each other. Everytime I look at you I see him...so in loving you I am loving him more. As a side note, your Daddy has become this big ball of mushiness since you were born so I had to change the subject before either of us started crying right there in the stadium.

Next year, I will hold your hands at 1:09 and 1:10, but after today I will stop and hold your daddy's hand, too. And we will remember together...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Angels.


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  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Happy Birthday to you as parents!! What a wonderful gift to all of your family and friends. The expressing and sharing of the deep love you have for your three men, allows each of us to reflect on the loves of our own lives!

    You are a wonderful, Mom! Lee is an awesome Dad! Tradd and Jackson are so blessed!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Gigi