The Greatest Show on Earth

We took the boys to the circus for the first time Sunday, March 15th. We were scheduled to go opening night, but I had the flu and was too busy laying in bed planning my funeral. Anyhoo, Mom and I hit the Wal-Mart before we went and found these $3 light sticks and two boxes of candy (which I smuggled in inside the diaper bag on the advice of a church friend no less, hehehe).

Tradd loved it...Jackson? Not so much. I literally was having to restrain him for the first 15 minutes. He was standing on my lap, pointing to the top of the arena crying, "Mama, let's go home now!" Lee and I switched boys and he settled in with Daddy.

The circus hasn't changed since I was a kid...still the lions, motorcycles in the big ball, and the elephants. Yes, the elephants made a lasting impression on the boys. For the next few days, when someone asked them about the circus, they promptly reported, "We saw big elephant poop." Great.

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