Blood, Sweat and Tears...

Actually just sweat...but Sweat, Sweat, Sweat just doesn't have the same ring to it. Our car has been a disaster for the better part of 3 months and since May is the new December, I just haven't had time or felt like tackling a task this large. Until today. Not sure what came over me, but I'd had enough.

I got the boys down for their nap and headed outside with my "supplies" which consisted of a bucket of warm water, an old rag, and toothpicks. Yes, you read toothpicks. I really wanted to get in the tiny cracks. I started by cleaning out the "stuff" first...

~1 half eaten sucker
~2 matchbox cars
~3 church bulletins
~2 Sharpie markers
~My driver's license (I didn't even know it was missing. oops)
~2 water bottles (half full)
~2 empty water bottles
~a beach towel
~my name tag for work (again, didn't realize it was missing...)
~4 books from Chick-fil-A

We literally could have gone camping for a week out of that car. We would have food, water, toys, a means by which to put our initials in our clothes to make sure nobody accidentally picked them up at the bath house, a towel (also for the bath house), reading material, and a prayer list.

It took me THREE hours. I cleaned and conditioned the seats, vaccummed, Armor All'd all the other stuff, washed the outside, scrubbed the tires...

2 hours later it rained. Mother Nature sure has a way of stickin' it to me.


  1. What?!? Two posts in the same month?!? What has come over you?

  2. Jill Sanders4:16 PM

    I feel your pain! It is MONTHS until I can't stand the messiness in the car, and then it is HOURS to clean it out myself. I don't know about you, but it always looks like the invasion of the French Fries in my ride - in every nook and cranny!!
    And yes, those Happy Meal toys/books are all over the place. Too funny!