1. My baby tooted so loudly yesterday the dog barked.
  2. While trimming Jackson's fingernails this week I noticed he had been biting them again...I asked, "Jackson, have you been biting your nails again?"  To which he responded, "No, I've just been cutting them with my teeth."  ok. 
  3. I just noticed on my settings page from blogger that people have found my blog by searching Google for "bare butt" and "singed arm hair."  As long as it wasn't "singed butt hair", I guess I'm ok with that.  
  4. In related news, my blog has been viewed by someone in Poland and someone in the Ukraine...I wonder if they were the ones looking for the bare butts???  
  5. I went to the gym yesterday for the third time since the baby was born...it was not pretty...apparently pregnancy has affected my ability to hear a beat, move my arms and legs simultaneously and know my right from my left.  I looked like a drunk chicken.   
 MY SHOW Modern Family is back on!  My favorite quotes from last week's Dude Ranch episode...

Mitchell: “So, we haven’t told the family yet but we’ve decided to adopt a baby boy!”
Cam: “From America this time, you might say we’re buying domestic.”
Mitchell: “In private. You might say that in private.”

Phil: “I've been practicing like crazy all my cowboy skills. Shooting, roping, pancake eatin’.”

 and from "When Good Kids Go Bad"...

Alex tells Haley to shut up: “Could you L a little less OL?”

Phil free-styles: “Girl you crazy. I’m mad fun to shop with. Trapped in between two whole wheat slices. Pastrami and Swiss are my only vices.”

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