Southern Baby: One Month

Dear Hampton, 

You are ONE month old!  

I find myself whispering in your ear, at least once a day, to slow down all this growing you're doing.  You were 7 lb 5 oz at birth, 7 lb 12 oz at two weeks and when I took you by the doctor's office last Friday at 4 1/2 weeks, you weighed 9 lb 13 oz!  Two pounds in two weeks...I could not believe it!  I am breast feeding you and was worried that you might not be getting enough!  ha!  The nurse also measured your length and you've gone from 19 3/4 inches to 22 1/4.  Again, I was shocked, but so thankful that you are a happy, GROWING boy.

Since the boys started school, we spend our days feeding, talking, sitting on the back porch, and cleaning up the house a little {not much mind you}.  We have all had to adjust to having a baby in the house.  My biggest adjustment has obviously been the lack of sleep!  It's funny though, once I see your sweet face I am awake and ready to go.  I am doing the nights all by myself because your daddy wakes up super early to get your brothers dressed and ready for kindergarten.  He also packs their lunch everyday and takes them to school so you and I can sleep.  The boys are having to learn to be patient when they need something "right now" and my hands are full with you.   We have to remind them to keep the running and playing down to a dull roar when you are sleeping!

You are wearing a size 1 diaper and mostly 0-3 clothes.  When we are around the house I keep you in a soft Kissy Kissy gown or onesie because we need to be ready for sleep at all times!   I saved a lot of your brothers clothes, but they will only work if you are a BIG boy because you were born in different seasons.  Looks like that's going to work out perfectly!        

You have already been out and about much more than Tradd and Jackson at this age.  We've met a friend of mommy's for lunch, stopped by Target, attended your brother's soccer game, celebrated at a birthday party, and we've tried church twice!  We've also gone out to eat a few times.  
You are definitely going to be on-the-go with us, little man!

Before you were born everyone was anxiously waiting to see if you would look like your brothers.  In our 
3-D ultrasound we thought you did, but right now I think you look very different.  Your Gigi says you look like me as a baby!  Hard to believe that we name you after your daddy and you would end up looking like me.  We are soaking up every single second with you...enjoying how you are changing everyday and not trying to rush a thing.  We love you sweet boy!      


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