well hello.

So I have been pretty absent from this blog and with good reason.  I was working with a dying laptop that would shut down every 15 minutes.  The number of posts in the "draft" section of this blog would make your head spin.  I would sit down to write or upload pictures and....black screen and shut down.  

Well.  I broke down and bought a new computer.  A MAC.  I am in love.  L.  O.  V.  E.  

I am hoping that with my fancy smancy new computer {and a little more quiet time around here once school commences}  that I will be able to blog more often!  WE shall SEE!!

Thought I'd catch up on May and June first...  

{End of 1st Grade}

The boys had a GREAT year in first grade!  Tradd had Miss Honeywell and Jackson had Mrs. Norton.  They loved going to school every day and learned so much.  I especially loved reading through their Writer's Notebooks at the end of the year!!   

{Last Day of 1st Grade}

T and J grew at least two inches over the course of the school year and lost a combined total of 14 teeth!  
We kept the tooth fairy hoppin'! 

{Bryson City}

We spent Memorial Day in Bryson City with my family...Bryson's girlfriend Lauren's first trip with our family!


The boys played coaches pitch in the spring for Team Comporium! 
 We had a great group of players and parents which is important when you spend so much time at the ball park!  Our little team went further than we ever imagained in the playoffs....we came in 2nd in our division!  Hampton was quite a handful at the ball park this season...I wanted to watch the game and he wanted to play chase and dig in the dirt sooooo I may or may not have bribed him with Blow Pops.  

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