It's Friday and I am actually linking up on the right day!  
 Decided to do a little something different with my 5 on Friday...hope you enjoy!

{one thing I am reading}
I was gifted a copy of this last Christmas, but was reading another book at the time so this found it's way to our bookshelf and I am just now reading it.  Lee and I recently started a study at church on the Bible from beginning to end and I am using this, along with my trusty NIV,  to help me study.  In The Story, "the stories, poems, and teachings of the Bible...read like a novel." 
You can get one for yourself here

{two things that stopped me in my tracks this week}

READ this.  

And this.  The line that got me was...

{three pictures I found on my phone, thanks to Hampton}

This is the toilet in my bathroom....lucky the phone didn't end up in the bowl.

Me making my bed.  Didn't even know he did this...

Selfies in the Target. 

{four things that I hope will make my life easier}
To say the laundry at my house is overwhelming some days would be a gross understatement. My least favorite step in the process is putting it all away!  The big boys are old enough now to put away their own laundry so I am hoping this helps to get the laundry upstairs and actually put away.  

{how we will spend at least five hours this weekend}
Several friends have RAVED about this show so we are having a marathon tonight to catch up!  Lee and I never started watching and have never seen one episode!   The boys will be with grandparents so our date night will be take out, cocktails, and HOMELAND!   


  1. Homeland is very. very popular over here in the UK! Can't say I'm a huge fan to be honest. Its my first time linking to Five for Friday, but love your way around it. :)


  2. I think you guys will LOVE Homeland - we absolutely can't wait until the new season comes out! Love those "found" iPhone pics :)

  3. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I love the pictures your son took!! Oh my goodness! :)

  4. Yay! So glad you're reading The Story! I taught that class in Sunday School last year. Brilliant concept. I have LOTS of additional resources if you'd like to borrow them. Love Hampton's pics.