Five on Friday {Life Lately}

We've had a busy fall, y'all!  
  I am NOT one to glorify a busy life, but I do love a FULL life and ours certainly is that!    Between school, baseball, soccer, church, Lee's work and mine, our calendar is FULL.  Thought I'd jump back in with a Five on Friday on our top 5 from the past few months!  

1. Hampton started preschool early September and loves it!  He has the sweetest teachers and a great class of friends.  I will miss this little "Jesus bubble" when he starts big school.  One of his teachers this year taught the big boys when they were there so it's been neat that they will share that!  

2.  It was finally Hampton's turn to play a sport...Soccer!    Bless his heart.  We've been dragging him around to the big boys baseball for YEARS now.   Kid has eaten more suckers than should be allowed in 4 years of life.  We always joke that it's a good thing these aren't his permanent teeth!
Hampton's good buddy Dawson was playing soccer {and his dad coaching} so that made the choice to play even easier!  To say it was "touch and go" at the beginning is putting it lightly.  He stood midfield and cried the first game...kid has some serious stage fright going on.  Lee had to go on the field and run alongside him to get him to move!  He warmed up to the idea and the season ended up being a great experience for him.   GO BOBCATS!

3.  We made our first trip to Urgent Care!  As a mom of three boys, I am actually surprised it took this long!  Tradd learned the hard way that sock feet and running on hardwoods don't mix.  As luck would have it, Lee was out of town and I was by myself.  My best friend and neighbor, Tina, literally showed up in minutes to help me assess the damage and stayed with the other boys until my mom could get to our house.  
While sitting in the waiting room, my other best girl, Micah, showed up with milkshakes and her own three kids in tow.  Tradd felt so special and that was the first smile I had seen from him!  I am convinced that milkshakes cure just about anything.  Especially when delivered by your best friends.   
  When we got to the room, my daddy showed up.  Mama obviously told him as she was rushing from the house and he went to the ER at the hospital looking for us before finding us so I wouldn't be by myself!   Gosh I love that man.    5 stitches and less than two hours later we were back home and on the mend.  

4.  In September, Lee ran the Blue Ridge Relay with his F3 buddies.  It's really a tremendous race that covers 200 miles through the Blue Ridge mountains.  He and Travis were running partners and ran 17ish miles over the course of two days.  Tina and I surprised them at the finish line in Asheville and we all stayed for the night.  It was a sweet memory indeed.  
In October, I joined my workout buddies for an all female FiA Go Ruck Light.  If you don't know what "rucking" is just google it.    From their website, "GORUCK Light is an introduction to the team-based training found in Special Operations."  
Basically, you carry a weighted pack and other heavy stuff and work as a team to accomplish whatever the Cadre ask of you.  It's weird, I know.  

5.  Finally, baseball wrapped up with our little team having two second place finishes and winning two rings!    They have been chasing those rings since they realized that is what some travel ball tournaments award the winners and runners-up.   Tradd pitches, catches and plays short stop, while Jackson pitches, plays 3rd base and left field.  I LOVE  watching them play and love even more that Lee coaches them and they have that time together.  GO PIRATES!

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