Weekend in 7 Pictures

You can't have a birthday without four foot tall balloons.  
Except turning 10 doubles the price!  
$20 on balloons - CHECK 

They requested a cookie cake with a "Pirate P" and a sleepover. 
Each boy got their own birthday song {twin mamas...this is important}.
Also, never call a boy party a "slumber party."  Just trust me on this one. 

After pizza and cookie cake and a nerf war outside until 10:30pm...they all went upstairs and made my house smell like BOY.  Which, in case you are wondering, smells like dirty socks with the occasional toot mixed in.  

Saturday  morning we took those who could join us to Hi-wire and had another large time. 

Because we try to pack too much into one day, 
after all the boys left we loaded up 
and went to see the Gamecocks play. 

By the end, we all felt like this.  

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