Southern Baby: 29 1/2 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 1/2 Weeks...
I will be 30 weeks this Saturday and since this post is so late 
in the week, I'm giving myself the half!!!

Size of baby: 15 inches long, head to heel, about the length of a loaf of bread and 
weighs about a three pounds
Maternity Clothes: We've been in the water one way or another everyday this week so I've lived in maternity bathing suits!  Not so bad...  

Gender: It's a BOY!  

Movement: Feeling him move ALL the time...he is very active between 10 and 11 o'clock...it will be interesting to see if that's his really active time when he's here!

Sleep: Sleeping well...
haven't taken anything to help me sleep in 2 weeks!  

What I miss:  Bending over with ease, seeing my feet 

Cravings: A new yogurt place just opened in town and we've been only twice, 
but I'm pretty sure I could eat Pistachio yogurt after every meal.

I don't want to forget....I only have 9 weeks and one day left to be pregnant {that's hoping he stays put for the full 39 weeks}.  It hit me the other day that this could very well be the last time in my life that I am pregnant.  In the past, I've been guilty of wishing my life away...I know I did it with my first pregnancy and the first few years of the boys' lives.  I guess it's because you don't know what's coming next and you are just so anxious to experience the next great thing or get past the part that's not so great.  
You think the pregnancy will last forever.  It doesn't.
You think nobody has EVER been as uncomfortable as you.  They have.
You think your little one will never sleep through the night.  They will.
You want them to sit up, eat table food, the list goes on and on....  
This time, I have really tried to be conscious about slowing myself down enough just
to be present in every moment.  

The boys and I are going to enjoy this summer together.  We are going to swim and watch movies and make brownies {just out of the oven now}.   We are going to love on each other and talk about August, but we WILL NOT wish away June and July.  Because for once, I do know what's coming next and it will be here soon enough.     

P.S.  I finally added a few of my new reads to my blog roll, so when my faves update you'll know!  

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