Southern Baby: 31 weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Size of baby: 16 inches long, head to heel, and 
weighs about 3 1/2  pounds
Maternity Clothes: It's this the cutest shirt I'm wearing!  
My friend Nancy shared it with me and I wore it for the first time today... love it!

Gender: It's a BOY!  

Movement: Feeling him move ALL the time...

Sleep: Sleeping well...
but I need to go to bed earlier. 
 I know in a few weeks I am going to be kicking myself for not doing so. 

What I miss:  Sleeping on my back, bending over with ease, seeing my feet,  

Cravings: Really none to speak of at the moment...
I have done ok with my weight gain so I'm gonna try not to loose it here at the end....
I have certainly "enjoyed" food during the pregnancy {just like last time}!   Just need to be a little more mindful of eating those fruits and veggies!!

Name:  The #1 question these days is, "Do you have a name picked out?" 
and the answer is yes and no.  
We have several that we like, we just need to make a FINAL decision! Stay tuned...

Nursery:  The nursery is coming along.  I am using the bedding we used for the boys so 
I am just trying to incorporate a few new things to make it feel like a different room.  Here is a little peek at a few of the fabrics I am considering!  

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