"Are we going to be friends forever?" Asked Piglet.
 "Even longer", Pooh answered. 
A.A. Milne

Before preschool ended, a few of my precious friends hosted a baby shower to celebrate our little boy on the way.  We gathered while the kids were at school for a luncheon at this darling little cafe in Lexington called Cafe 403.  Usually when we are together, we have kiddos underfoot and have conversation in spurts...so to sit together and share a fabulous lunch was such a treat!  And to top it all off, we had CUPCAKES for dessert from Cupcake!  My favorite!    

I mentioned here how special these friends are to me, but I must say it again.  So many times throughout life, I have gone into situations expecting to make friends...girl scout camp, going away to college, even starting my first job.  But what makes these friendships so unique is that they were completely unexpected.  We've laughed and cried, shared our successes and failures, but above all we've loved each other...even when we parent differently or if our children embarrass us with the occasional "flare up", as I like to call them!  
I was given so many nice gifts at the shower...bottles, diapers, burp cloths, a few outfits, and this amazing diaper bag that I had been eyeing!  I felt so special that day...I hope they know how very much I appreciated every detail and seeing every single face sitting around that table.        

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