Last weekend…and it's already Wednesday.

Christmas break is officially over and the big boys have headed back to school to wrap up second grade.  How is that even possible?  As if my uterus were not having a difficult week already, after we converted Hampton's bed from a crib to toddler bed, now I realize we are approaching the "intermediate" grades….I  can't even handle it.

Anyhoo, as much fun as we had living in our pajamas and staying up way too late over the break it was time to go back to school.  I could not have watched ONE more movie, played ONE more board game, or heard ONE more time, "I'm hungry."  I love my kids as much as the next guy, but our "family time" meter petered out a good 6 days ago.  It was time.

Last Friday I began to feel a little desperate.  We politely asked {read: begged} Lee's parents if the boys could come there for a night or two because they needed a change of scenery.  That and I needed to take a shower without an audience.

Lee took the kids up Saturday and when that door closed I literally stood in the silence for 5 minutes.  Just listening to nothing.  It was awesome.  I piddled around the house, wrote a few thank you notes, took a shower…alone.

We went to church Saturday night and then met our neighbors, who were also kidless, at a little sushi place in town.  I ordered lettuce wraps and my favorite roll that has, as best we could tell, an asian version of pimento cheese.    We were stuffed by 8:30 and the hubbys said something about watching football, so Tina and I sent them home together and we headed to the TJ Maxx.  Nothing better than a deserted TJ and a good friend.

I found a great club chair {pic below} and decided that it might need to come live with us.  I took a few pictures to show Lee in hopes that we would love it.

Side story: We have a little "keeping room" {it was called that on our house plans…we've "kept" Hampton's toys and dust bunnies in there until now}… to make way for our Christmas tree, we moved a chair out of our den into the keeping room and I have come to love this cozy little spot.  We've always had one loveseat in there from our old house simply to have some furniture in there, but it never felt like a real "space."   When we took the tree down, I was so sad to lose my cozy chair so I had been thinking of buying a chair for that room or for the den.

{Keeping Room before we moved in and wrecked the place}

This chair is super comfortable and a neutral fabric…our TJ does a furniture special each January, maybe yours does too!  You should check it out…I will tell you about that floor lamp in my next post!

Sunday found us taking down Christmas and is it just me or is that not the saddest day?  I think I have a "Christmas House."  My den just looks better with a 9 foot tree in it.  We also went to pick up the new chair, had lunch at Zoe's Kitchen, and went by Lowe's.  Lee and I were joking that it felt like exactly the kind of day we had before kiddos.

Sunday night we decided to go to a movie…Saving Mr. Banks.  Y'all.  First of all, Mary Poppins was my favorite movie growing up.  I can sing every song and recite every line.  I know that shows my age, but it was an "older movie" when I started watching it.  I have been dying to see this movie and I will not give it away for those of you who still want to see it.  If you were a Mary Poppins fan, it is a must see.  And if you can watch through "Let's Go Fly a Kite" without crying we can not be friends anymore.  Just kidding.  But really.

Monday I cleaned house ALL DAY and let's just say it stayed that way until the boys got home.  That night I had a meeting, into which I flew like a chicken with my head cut off and perhaps one wing, and then flew to my mama's to celebrate my Mimi's 79th birthday!  She is just precious!  My mom made the Red Velvet-White Chocolate Cheesecake that graced the December cover of Southern Living.  It says this cake takes a total of 13 hours, 45 minutes to prepare.  That is love, y'all.  I just love Mimi's face when she sees the cake!!

So that was our weekend…my next post is going to be on favorite presents from Christmas!  

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