Thoughts on 2013

Growing up I had a hard time saying goodbye.  
I remember crying big sloppy tears at the end of fourth grade because there would never be a teacher as great as Mrs. Roof.  I remember sobbing when a girl in my class moved away because she was my friend and was leaving a desk next to me empty.   I vividly remember my last sleep in my apartment in Clemson when I realized things were about to get real and 
I would never sleep under the same roof as my girls again.  

I spent a lot of energy looking behind me instead of being fully present and looking ahead.  I didn't care that my life would evolve and increase…I just wanted it to stay the same because I felt things were so perfectly perfect that they could never get better.    

I am not that same person. 
I have lived long enough for grief and regret to find me.  
I've had friends move and hold me up and love me.   
I have learned that babies don't keep…
and neither do two year old, or three year olds, or six year olds.  
I have lived long enough to know that it's ok to look back with fondness as long as I keep my eyes fixed on the goodness that will inevitably find me again.  

These pictures reflect the goodness that 2013 brought to my life.  
Happy NewYear

{7 year olds}


{mother's day}


{bryson city}

{end of 1st grade}

{60th birthday}

{baseball camp}


{time with friends}


{fripp island}

{2nd birthday}


{2nd grade}




{more baseball}

{tree picking}


{holiday market}


I was right about a few things…there was never another teacher like Mrs. Roof.  
That girl that moved?  We are Facebook friends now.
And those college girls?  Well. I spent a glorious fall weekend with them 
and we slept under the same roof.   

So here's to family and friends and birthdays and goodness.  

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  1. Wish you had something for me to read every day! You are a true talent my friend! When's the book coming out?!?