24 gifts of Christmas

This Christmas was a gift of so many moments...

It was a 9 year old asked to put on the tree skirt.

 It was sitting with friends waiting on the parade to come.

It was Mama letting you mail the Christmas cards. 
 It was singing your heart out in church with your 
first best friend that wasn't your brother in the audience.

It was the stomach bug that slowed down the hurry-up long 
enough for White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life.  

 It was the only light coming from the tree. 

 It was overcoming stage fright and being in the angel choir.

It was Mama getting a glimpse of what they look like all grown up 
and shaking the thought away. 

It was grandparents driving all the way for a one hour show.

It was your best "friend who's a girl."

It was a Nativity scene in the den with cousins.

It was the shepherd using a flash light as a star. 

It was wearing a velvet jacket with plaid and a foam crown to be a king.

It was hoping Santa would stop.

It was gifts to wear and share and read and need.

It was watching Gigi smile like this. 

It was family small...

and family big. 

It was watching our cousin-brother open gifts on his own for the very first time. 

It was the "bow-narrow" you thought Santa forgot, but Lolly and BB remembered. 

 It was this guy...

 playing in a pot full of suds. 

And when it was all over, it was giving thanks
 and counting all the ways the God of the universe 
showed Himself in my small, ordinary life that is 
the blessing if it is only noticed

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