Brain Dump

1//I'm sitting in a coffee shop trying to write for the fourth time in a week.  I don't love writing.  I love having written.  I think Glennon Doyle Melton said that one time.  {If you don't know who that is we can no longer be friends} {Just kidding.  But seriously click here if not} The process is hard for me because I'm too critical of myself.  I type and delete and type and delete.  I'm sure the people beside me hear my fingers going and think I'm writing an epic novel that's going to make me a millionaire.  Nope.  Just over here writing a blog that 10 people will read because I love having written.  Also, I was a school teacher and I graduated college, so I am suppose to know how to use commas.   I put them everywhere.  Sometimes they land in the right place and sometimes, like just now, I'm not so sure.   So here's me...trying not to be critical and just write.  Do I even have anything to say?  Anything of value?  Have all the original thoughts already been thought?  I also like using ellipses....

2// I am currently wearing leggings as pants.  It was a total accident.   I've worn this outfit before, but it appears this shirt has fallen victim to our dryer thanks to my sweet husband.  Now it's a solid 7 inches too short and no where near covering my parts. Bless.  He doesn't realize that these mistakes cost him money because I will have to hand this shirt down to a 5th grader and buy another one.  In my attempt to be on time today I didn't really have time to change once I realized the faux pas.

 3// I'm here today because I met a new friend for coffee for the first time.  I'm not so cool to just blog from coffee shops.  It felt kinda like a first date.  I actually met her husband first and we've been friends on social media for a few months now so we know each other in a "our hearts seem the same on Facebook" kinda way.  And I wore leggings as pants to our first date.  Lucky for me {and everyone else in the coffee shop}, we were seated most of the time.  Turns out that our hearts were the same in person.    

4// I bought a new devotional this year.  If we've ever talked books, then you know my favorite book of all time is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  It's not a book for every reader, but it came to me during a time when I needed to notice the gifts still around me.  The devotional is a companion to One Thousand Gifts and can be found on amazon for less than $10.

5// Two weeks from today I will be sitting by the back door with my bag packed ready to go to Mexico....just kidding.  I'm already packed.

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