Five of Friday: Airport Edition

 1// Currently delayed in the Charlotte airport...I risked life and limb to make a 5 o'clock flight and left skid marks in the parking lot of the school...only to be delayed here.  I'm making the most of it, BUT I hate waiting on a flight when I'm this close to home.  American Airlines is dead to me.

2// Passing time by reading blogs and the lady's face beside me.  Both interesting.

3// I've been in Connecticut all week and let me tell ya, it was hard work.  My brain is just tired.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I've come to love Hartford.  I know my way around {like where all the TJ Maxx's and Marshall's are} and have stayed in almost every hotel in town so I'm kinda of an expert.

4// The glass of wine in the picture above was $10.  Ten.  dollars.  For airport wine.  And since I can only expense one glass, I am taking half sips.  I blame American.

5// This time next week I will be in Mexico.  YAHOOO!  We are just a tad excited...and we are flying Delta.

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